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2020 - 2021 Gold Star Post 78 Officers:


Commander: Robert (Bob) Brinkman - Email:

First Vice Commander: Jackie Thatch 

Second Vice Commander: Vacant

Adjutant/Secretary: Kim King - Email: 

Finance Officer/Treasurer: Harold Cunningham

Post Service Officer: Gene Stillings

Chaplain: Vacant - Email: 

Sergeant-At-Arms: Lannie Smith

At-Large Executive Members: 


                    Auxiliary Unit:

President: Faye Jernigan - Email: 

1st Vice President: Vacant

2nd Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Patti Gish

Treasurer: Jean Cunningham

Chaplain: Margaret Stillings

Historian: Vacant

Sergeant-At-Arms: Vacant


                    Riders Chapter (2021):

Director: Jackie "Catman" Thatch - Email: 

Assistant Director: Johnny "Johnny Reb" Fielder

Secretary: Carole "Cee" Sember - Email: 

Treasurer: Steve "Rock-N-Roll" Sember - Email: 

Historian: Paul "Maverick" Gish - Email: 

Chaplain: Lannie "Lano" Smith - Email: 

Road Captain: Steve "Rock-N-Roll" Sember - Email: 

Sgt-At-Arms: Lannie "Lano" Smith

Membership Chairman: Vacant - Email: 


                    Sons of the American Legion Squadron:

Commander: Rick Jernigan

Vice Commander: Lannie Smith


Financial Officer: Darryl Edwards

Sergeant-At-Arms: Lannie Smith

Chaplain: Darryl Edwards

Historian: Lane Jernigan








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